Fouée at home service in the departments 37, 49, 79, 86 for your private events (weddings, birthdays, cousinades…) or professional (company seminars, end of year meals…)

What is a Fouée?

The FOUÉE (or Fouace) is a dough ball cooked in a wood-fire oven to be eaten while still warm, sweety or salty.

The history of this speciality from the Loire Valley goes back to the Middle Ages, when baking the bread brought families together during evening gatherings.

Small dough balls were thrown into the wood-fired oven to check that it was at the right temperature, they were then filled with rillettes, butter or mogettes.

VITE FOUÉE, BIEN FOUÉE! was born from our passion for this tradition and we are happy to share it with you.

The Menu

Do you want to organize a private event, a birthday party, a company seminar or a marriage? Come and see all the pictures of our Fouée trailer!


Are you an organiser of public events, festivals or Christmas markets and are you attracted by our concept? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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